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School Illness Policy

We would like to take the opportunity to remind you of school policy in relation to children who are presenting with illness. It is important to note that in order to ensure that the school can stay open, we must not only deal with the possible transmission of the Covid 19 virus, but also, ensure that we also address all illness that can be present within the school community. This includes common colds, coughs, tummy bugs etc.

In line with the recommended guidance from the Department of Health, our published school policy reflects best practice in relation to the control of transmissible infections, whatever form they make take. Our current policy states:

Please adhere to school policy and do not send your child to school if they are unwell in any way. Likewise, should a child become ill during the school day, parents will be contacted to collect their child. School policy remains that they do not return to school until they are symptom free for 48 hours. This is to minimise possible infection of others.

We fully acknowledge that in many cases, having to keep your child home for 48 hours seems excessive and can cause of frustration for families. However, it is vital that the school adhere to this policy as it will ensure that as far as is practicable, we reduce the spread of any infection within the school community.

In the context of the current public health situation, schools have now been instructed that all pupils returning to school following an illness of any form, are required to fill in a “Health Declaration” Form. This is available for all parents on the school website and only takes a few moments to complete. Please do continue to let office know of any periods of absence from school.

We have also provided you with a link to the form here: