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Annual General Meeting Minutes

Kildare Place School Parent Teacher Association

16th October 2014 7.30pm

Chair of the PTA Chris Burge opened the 2014 AGM, introducing himself and school principal, Ian Packham. He welcomed all those attending, especially Junior Infant parents, and highlighted the exits in the event of an emergency. The Chair then handed over to Mr Packham. Apologies were noted, particularly from Board of Management (BOM) parent representative Matt Cooper, and PTA member Tommy Kinsella.


2013 Minutes are available on the school website, and were proposed and seconded.

2014 Minutes will be published on the website.

Principal’s Report

Mr Packham thanked parents for attending and welcomed in particular the new Junior Infants family.  There are 26 new families in total this school year.  There are 2 new members of staff: Miss Sarah McArdle (replacing Claire Harrington) and Mr. Philip Thompson (resource teacher).

Mr. Packham thanked all his staff for their ongoing commitment, and paid particular thanks to Mrs. Morton for her continued help and support.

School Achievements for 2013/2014 included:

  • Active Flag – awarded for recognition of physical activity in the school.  Special thanks to Miss Blennerhasset and Mr. Lowe, the children, and the parents committee who were instrumental in organising the activities.
  • Creative School Award 2014
  • GAA League
  • Fencing Around the school
  • New computer room

Projects for the 2014/2015 school year include:

  • Painting Classrooms
  • Healthy Eating Week – this will include lessons on healthy food, a qualified nutritionist coming into the school, ideas about healthy lunches, etc
  • Reading Week
  • Anti-Bullying Week
  • Peace Prom – KPS choir will be singing in the RDS on 1st February 2015
  • Christmas Fair – Saturday 6th December

The principal also made some requests of parents:

  • Check for head-lice regularly and treat.
  • Each child needs a set of headphones for the computer room
  • Healthy eating: no fizzy drinks/chewing gum/crisps/sweets (Friday is treat day).
  • Time keeping:  assembly time 8.50am-9.10am – please ensure children are in their classrooms no later than 9am.

Particular Note was made regarding the Parking issues both within the college grounds and outside the school grounds:

  • No parking on double yellow lines outside school or within college grounds.
  • No parking on the zig-zag lines outside the school.  The area MUST be kept clear so Roisin has clear line of sight of all oncoming traffic.
  • Wait until Roisin is in the centre of the road with the traffic stopped before moving from the footpath to cross the road.
  • Afterschool activity collections: there can be no parking in the staff car park at all when collecting or dropping off children.  Cars are reversing, children not being careful, all cars need to be parked in the college car park. 

Mr. Packham read a letter from Jackie Burns to the parents thanking them for the support in recent months. Mr Packham finished by thanking the PTA, the school administrator Jackie Burns, caretaker Bart Madden, lollypop lady Roisin, the BOM, the staff, and the parents for support given to school both in time and voluntary contributions. Mr. Packham also thanked Stephen Vaughan for his time installing the new computers to the school network.

Board of Management Report – Monika Leech

Monika Leech reminded parents that the BOM is a statutory entity, governed by 1988 Education Act and explained the role of the BOM.  The current BOM was constituted in 2011, three years out of a four year term.  A new BOM will need to be nominated 2015/2016 school year.  BOM meets every 6 weeks, is made up of 2 parent nominees, 2 community nominees, Patron of the School, Chairman, and Mr. Packham. She added that the BOM had recently reviewed the Admissions Policy, the Code of Behaviour, the Anti-Bullying Policy and the Complaints Procedure. Policies are available on the school website and parents were encouraged to review them and the BOM would welcome feedback.   This year the BOM intend to look at a Healthy Eating initiative, and Curriculum Needs.  In addition, they are reviewing the Special Needs Policy, with the help of Miss Bennett.  Parents were reminded that structures were in place to raise issues with the BOM via the Principal. BOM members cannot answer queries individually.

National Parents Council

Apologies were extended on behalf of the NPC reps Greg Fry and Denise O’Grady.  Recent events hosted by NPC reps were talks about Internet Safety and Choosing a Secondary School . NPC role is a resource for parents and added that suggestions for events parents would like the NPC to run would be welcomed. NPC has a section on the school website.

Class Reps 2014/2015

Following on being proposed and seconded, the parents listed below were elected as Class Reps for the October 2014-October 2015 period.

•Junior InfantsHelen O’Kelly, Shane Boyd,  Annabelle Heffernan,Irene Doyle

•Senior InfantsStephanie FrameSheena McAfee

•1st ClassSara McDonnell, Louise Lynn-Browne, Orla Bleahan

•2nd ClassPamela DrynanLisa-Jane Fitzsimons

•3rd ClassPam RandlesDervla Burke

•4th ClassCathy Slye Sandra Kinsella

•5th ClassAisling McEvoySandra Nowlan

•6th ClassIsobel Kenny, Deirdre Lemass, Monika Leech, Emer Breslin

PTA new members

Chris Burge, Rachel Hall, Yvonne Browne, Jemimah Bailey and Hilary Flynn have completed their term on the PTA and were thanked for their contribution, work and know-how. Lu-Lu McCarthy, Stephanie Frame, Suzy Barry, Nigel Flegg and Jason Carr were nominated as the new PTA members. The teacher representatives for this year are Mr. Robert Devlin and Miss Rachael Blennerhassett.

New PTA Constitution

The new PTA constitution has been ratified and is available on the website.

Treasurers Report 

Opening Balance: €7,592


Christmas Fair €12,027

Quiz Night €     412 

Paintings€     885 

6th class play      €       45




Classroom resources/books € 1,000 

Buses/trips € 1,700 

Bank fees €      13


Gifts€     405



Current balance: €2,643


Questions were submitted:

  1. Traffic Concerns – cyclists need to be reminded of their duty to stop at lollipop crossing, and general more awareness over safety when crossing the road at the front of school.
  2. School calendar – Denise O’Grady working with Mr. Packham to link Google calendar into school website, so all after-school activities will be available on the school calendar.
  3. Parent s should not feel obliged to provide birthday cakes for the class, etc, on children’s birthday.

The meeting was closed.

Minutes taken by Adrienne O’Beirne, on behalf of the PTA.


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