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Third & Fourth 15/16

School tour

Yesterday third and fourth class took a bus to Causey Farm in County Meath for our school tour. The weather was fabulous and so was the tour. We started off in the farm looking at all teh different animals such as cows, hens, sheep, horses, donkrys and even three week old puppies which we got to hold. Some where even brave enough to pick up a rooster. One or two members of the class found their true calling of being a farmer by trying to round up some sheep.

We then went to the hay maze and thank goodness we didn't lose anyone as hard as we tried. After that we got to make a wish at the wishing well. Unfortunately none of us have won the lotto yet!!!

After that excitement we had a true farm experience by jumping on the back of a tractor and trailer to go to the bog. While sitting on our hay bales there was a great sing song of the Raittlin Bog and Ireland's Call.

Once we got to the bog we met Liam who showed us the traditional way of cutting turf and some of us got to catch turf.

We then got tuition on how was the "proper" way to "Bog Hop" which we learnt later was a very important lesson.

Then the fun really started!!!


I can confirm we EVENTUALLY got everyone out!!!

The class where not recognisable at the end but I was assured all all the children had a great day. I can't say the parents who had to cope with the washing did. Sorry parents.



The National Gallery and Georgian Dublin

On Friday 6th June Fourth Class went on a school tour to the city centre. We got the bus into Dawson Street and walked over to Clare Street to the National Gallery taking in Trinity College and other features along the way. When we got to the Gallery we were split into two groups and met our guides.

In the National Gallery we got to view some works by Picasso, Carrvagio and Jack Yates. We leant lots about the different paintings and about the artists. Our guides were brilliant. 

After the Gallery we took a short walk across to Merrion Square where we had our lunch and played a game of football. Before we left the park we got a very interesting talk from Mr.O'Shea and Mr.Moran about the hostory of the park and the history of Merrion Square.

With our clipboards in hand we headed off on a Georgian trail around Maerrion Square, starting off at the famous Leinster House built by the Duke of Leinster. We looked at all the Georgian architecture around Merrion Square from bootscrapers to windows and even coal bunkers. We where then extremely fortunate, with the help of Mr.O'Shea, to visit the Institute of Architecture where we saw really cool models and architectural drawings of some famous buildings all housed in a Georgian house.

We learnt so much on our tour on Friday and we would like to say a big thank you to Mr.Moran and Mr.O'Shea  who taught us a lot about Georgian architecture and the way of life in Georgian Dublin. The trip would not have been possible without them.



Last Thursday our local friendly community Gardas came to visit our class and we had a few members of our class trying out for a role in the force!!!

Firstly we had the opportunity to try our hand at being CSI agents. We discussed collecting evidence and how to secure a crime scene. Two members of the class graduated to Forensic Scientists.


We then got a chance to look at how the Gardas can protect themselves while on duty and some of us were lucky enough to get some professional training on how to  use a batton.

Noone was harmed in taking these pictures:)


Journey through the Bible

Over the past four weeks Mr.Sheldon has visited our classroom and brought us all on an amazing journey through the Old Testament to countries such as Jericho, Egypt and Jordan. We have met all sorts of good and bad characters such as Kings, noblemen  and leaders. We even had a few of them visit our classroom (see the picture attached).


School garden in bloom

As we are all off enjoying the sunshine on our Easter holidays, in school our school garden is blooming. We planted our bulbs back in November and our tulips have come into full bloom just in time for Easter. Look at all the beautiful colours... 



Class Projects

Fourth class have been hard at work over the past couple of months compiling their personal projects.

Back in February every member of the class recieved their project proposal sheet and the ideas came flooding in. The range of topics was amazing and very interesting.

After spending a month working on them at home and in computer class the finished projects where submitted for marking and the standard was already remarkably high. The next step was trying to come up with an original idea for their presentations and fourth class did not disappoint. After two days of fun, laughter, dressing up, food tasting, powerpoints, sports demonstrations, quizes and much more we are all exhausted. The creatvity shown in fourth class was immense. It is hard to put into words how good they were so as teh old saying goes " Pictures paint a 1,000 words we have included some pictures from our presentations to give you a flovour of what has been happening in the classroom over the past two days. We hope you enjoy them as mush as we did.

Firstly a musical interlude!!!

Some new members of the class joined us for the day from a long time ago and a long diatance away....

There were some sports demonstrations....

Some scientific demonstrations and explorations...

Some model making...

And best of all, LOTS of tastings....

With a game or two thrown in for fun...




In September we got a very exciting envelope delivered to our classroom. It was full of letters written in Irish from our penpals. We did not know who they were or what school they came from so we wrote back letters in Irish asking all about them and their school. This was the start of our penpal project with 4th class in Rathfarnham Parish School. We continued sending forward and back letters and at Christmas we got to met them for the first time.

On Wednesday 18th December Rathfarnham visited our school and we preformed our Christmas Play for our parents and all our penpals. We then got to play games with them in our playground which was great fun as we got to know more about them.

On Monday 10th March another very exciting envelope arrived into our class full of invites inviting us to Rathfarnham Parish school to see their play production. We gratefully accepted the invitation and on Thursday13th March we got the bus from Rathmines to Rathfarham. We watched their amazing production of "Cinderella and Rockerfella" and they generously had refreshments afterwards. Then we got to go out to their playground for a few games. They had a cool climbing frame that we had great fun playing on. Then it was time to get the bus back to Rathmines and we are looking forward to our next meeting :0



As part of our Active Flag 4th class have been taking part in lots of different activities. On Wednesdays we have active playground which means the whole playground is split into 4 stations doing different activities. We allo love the dance station and are compiling new songlists at the moment :) We are also running from Dublin to Galway(Thank goodness we are not doign this all on one day).

On the week of the 10th March we took part in an orienteering activity everyday. It took a lot of skill, hardwork and teamwork. On the last day we had great fun running around the grounds looking for controls and different objects.


World Book Day

On Thursday the 6th March 4th class celebrated World Book Day. We all, including Ms.Lawrence,  arrived in school dressed up as our favourite character from a book. We had a Gangster Granny, Captain Underpants, lots of different animals and even some sports stars who wrote biographies.

We were also invited to Dubray Books in Rathmines to met the author, Gerard Siggins. Gerard has worked as a sports journalist but is now writing fictional rugby books for children. He read us extracts from his books Rugby Spirit and . He explained where he got the inspiration for his character Brian which was fascinating and answered lots of questions about the process in trying to get a book published. He was so impressed with our questions and how much we loved the book that he set us a challenge.

When we got back to school we wrote sports stories. These were read and the best two authors names were passed on to Gerard and their names are going to be included in the next book he writes so watch out!!! The winners of the challenge were Daniella and Zach C. Daniella's story called "Johnny's Dream" was an inspiring story about a boy who did not like sport but after going to pony camp found a sport he was good at and enjoyed.  Zach's story called "Nobody Knows" which was a ghost story that takes place at a swimming gala. We really enjoyed writing our stories and it was a great way to celebrate World Book Day.



Rugby Blitz

On Wednesday the 6th November 4th, 5th and 6th class participated in a Rugby Blitz organised by Leinster Rugby. Leinster Rugby has been visiting our school for the past 6 weeks training us up and teaching us the rules so we could take part as well as playing a few fun games along the way.

We left the school at 9:30 on Wednesday morning to take the short journey down to Railway Union Club in Sandymount. When we arrived at Railway Union there were four other schools from the local area which we would be playing against. Our class where split into two teams and played 3 games against the other schools. It was so much fun and there was some amazing skills on show. Everyone played really well and scored lots of tries (there may be a Brian O'Driscoll amoungst us yet). After we played our games Leinster rugby were very kind as they gave us all a present for taking part. We jumped back on the bus and sang our way back to school. What a brilliant fun day.


We would like to thank our amazing coach over the past 6 weeks , Ken. WE would also like to thank Billy from Leinster rugby who organised the programme and the Blitz in Railway Union. We had so much fun and learnt a lot too.



Autumn Trees


At the beginning of the year we looked at lots of different trees. We went on a nature walk to identify the names and types of trees on the college grounds. In art, we painted autumn trees. We used warm colours such as yellow, orange, red and brown. We also tried to create a realistic texture by dabbing the paintbrush lightly, and layering the leaves. Here is our artwork.

IMAG1762  IMAG1763  IMAG1764  IMAG1765

IMAG1766  IMAG1767

IMAG1768  IMAG1769

IMAG1770  IMAG1771

IMAG1772  IMAG1773

IMAG1774  IMAG1775

IMAG1776  IMAG1777

IMAG1778  IMAG1779

IMAG1780  IMAG1781

IMAG1782  IMAG1783

IMAG1785  IMAG1786

IMAG1784  IMAG1787

IMAG1788  IMAG1789

IMAG1790  IMAG1791


Making Butter

In history, we learned about farming in the past. We learned about how butter was made long ago. Instead of using a wooden churn, we used jars to make our own butter. Here are the steps we followed:

$11.       Put some cream into a jar and fasten the lid carefully

Butter 1

$12.       Shake the jar until the cream splits. When this happens, you will begin to see small blobs of fat.

Butter 2

$13.       Keep shaking until the blobs of fat come together. Then drain off the liquid, this part is called butter milk.

$14.       Take the buttery cream out of the jar, and beat it until all of the buttermilk comes out.

Butter 3

$15.       Then the butter is ready to eat. You can add some salt if you want.

We tasted the butter on cream crackers and some pupils took some home too.


Starry Night Art


We learned a little about where Van Gogh was from and what his life was like. We looked at some of his paintings and described his style of painting. He usually uses lots of thick paint, and you can see the brushstrokes. He liked to use lots of bright colours, especially yellow – it was his favourite colour.  He also liked to paint everyday scenes and landscapes. His paintings were not very realistic, he painted in the ‘Impressionist’ style.

We studied his painting Starry Night in detail. We used different shades of blue and yellow. We added flour to the paint to make it thick. We focused in particular on creating visible brushstrokes, and lots of swirling shapes. Here are some of our paintings. 

IMAG1752   IMAG1751

IMAG1753   IMAG1754

IMAG1754   IMAG1756

IMAG1758   IMAG1758 - Copy