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Junior Infants & Senior Infants 17/18

Check out what has been happening with our buddies!

6th class and Junior Infants have been busy already! They recently made Witches' and Wizard's hats together. It was great fun!! :-) Check out some of our amazing pics....




6th class and Junior Infants had such a great day getting to know each other recently! We are really looking forward to working together in the coming year! More photos of our activties to follow.... :-)







Maths Week

October 2014

This week is Maths Week!

Schools all over the country are participating in exciting maths activities. Here in KPS, 5th class and Senior Infants carried out loads of different maths activities, including shape, pattern, counting, adding and matching activities.








Teddy Bear's Picnic

This year, 5th class and Senior Infants have been working together. At the beginning of the year we matched the Senior Infants up with 5th class 'buddies'. The children have really enjoyed working together. This Friday, 5th class and Senior Infants had a Teddy Bears Picnic. After that, we came inside and made card puppets of our teddy bears. It was lots of fun!







Senior Infants would like to say a big THANK YOU to 5th class ... for all your help and for the treats you gave us on Friday!


JI & SI trip


Last Wednesday the Junior and Senior Infants went to Tricky Tricksters Magic Castle. We went on a double decker bus. We had lots of fun!







New arrivals in Senior Infants!

Ms Rynhart has been teaching Senior Infants for the last 3 weeks. She brought an incubator and some eggs into school. We were so excited this week as the chicks started to hatch from the eggs! Today we have 9 chicks in our classroom! Ms Rynhart will bring them home today so they grow up safe. Thank you Ms Rynhart!

 Looking at the eggs on the whiteboard.

 The eggs being kept warm in the incubator.

 The cracks starting to show!

 The chicks in their temporary home.


Canvas Painting

Senior Infants did some painting on canvas. We used a sponge to paint the background. We used black paint to create silhouettes.



Senior Infants and 5th class paired reading

Senior Infants and 5th Class have been doing some reading together. 5th Class were so kind. They picked a book to read with their buddy and they created an activity based on that story. Senior Infants really enjoyed the stories. Thank you 5th Class!


Senior Infants Trip

On Tuesday 18th March, Senior Infants went on a trip to Imaginosity. We got to play and we went on a musical safari. We had lots of fun!