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First & Second 15/16

Music in the Classroom @ NCH

1st Class went to the National Concert Hall to participate in the Music in the Classroom series - we had such fun!

We have written some reviews for you here!

"On Monday 17th November we went to the N.C.H. for a school trip. We had to wait for a few minutes and then we went in the stage room and sat down and then we sang the songs we were learning"


"I had fun at the N.C.H. with my school friends. The show was great."


"When I went to the N.C.H. I sang the mini- play"

Tallulah- Belle

"When we went to the N.C.H. we watched Peter and the Wolf. Then with their instruments the orchestra played some lovely music. I loved it."


"I had fun there. It was all about music. We went on a bus to get there. We sang Doh a deer. The people had instruments."


"We went on a bus and the man told some stories and some songs."


"At the start we saw a small show but we weren’t in it."


"We sang Yankee Doodle and Katy Perry Roar and we were there for an hour. I liked it."


"My favourite part is NA NA NA NA NA NA ."


"The orchestra was lovely. When we were getting on the bus we got a jelly."


"I had a great time at it. I saw a drum."


"When we saw the play of Beauty and the Beast I like it best"


"There were lots of people playing instruments."


"We sang lots of songs and they acted out the story."


"I liked the instruments and the story – it was fantastic."


"Well the soldiers were very funny."


"It was entertaining. It was cool and nice."


"At the Concert Hall we watched a play called Peter and the Wolf. There was a cat who tried to eat the bird. The wolf ate the duck. The orchestra played a high note and a low note."


The show was ballet.


Butterfly Day

On Thursday 19th June First Class had a special Butterfly Day. We sang songs, read poems that we had written and explained what we had learned about butterflies. We also made a class display about the life cycle of a butterfly. We tried to wear butterfly themed clothes too!

For the last few weeks Junior Infants and First class have been watching our caterpillars grow and change into butterflies in the classroom. This was part of a project supported by Debra Ireland which helps people affected by E.B. This is a skin condition when people’s skin is as thin and delicate as a butterfly’s wings. We enjoyed watching the butterflies and wanted to help the charity on Butterfly Day.

Thank you to all who came to support our day and especially to the wonderful Mum who organised the arrival of the caterpillars in school!






First and second class trip to National Print Museum and Herbert Park

On Wednesday 18th June first and second class enjoyed a wonderful day of History, Visual Arts and Science at the National Print Museum in Beggar’s Bush. We made and decorated hats, printed our own posters and heard about the history and development of printing. We had excellent guides to teach us and we all learned so much. We then had our picnic and games in Herbert Park and returned to school tired but very happy!Image2.pngImage1.pngImage4.pngImage3.png 


Our visit to the Leprechaun Museum

On Wednesday 9th April, second class had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the Leprechaun Museum! We had such a great time and were told many Irish legends and stories. 








First Class News

This week has been very exciting for First Class. As part of our week of Stories from Other Cultures, several visitors came in to our class.

On Monday, a parent from Zimbabwe told us all about life there and we wrote about what we learned. He drew a map for us to help us remember some of the place names.

On Wednesday, a Romanian parent read us a lovely story from her country. She had to translate it into English so that we could understand and it reminded us of some stories we knew too.

On Friday we had two visitors! First we had an exciting legend from Sweden. We were given a map and a photo to keep in our class.

Our final visitor told us a brilliant story from India that her Grandmother had told her when she was a little girl.

Thank you to all the parents who came in to visit. We learned so much by listening and asking questions and had a great week.


Science Work with CICE students

Thank you to all the CICE first year students who came to our classroom today (Wednesday 4th December) to do a range of science work with second class! We really enjoyed learning about living things, floating and sinking and a hedgerow habitat!



Have a look at the lovely hedgerow habitat made by some of the second class pupils!